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The Jubilee Legacy Collection contains titles that have been edited and compiled by Rev. Dr. Charles H. Smith.  Visit the Jubilee website at a detailed products list and ordering informaion.



Cultural Tool Kit


After reading African American Jubilee Legacy Spiritual Odyssey, I was inspired and challenged by its African heritage teachings and learnings. As religious education faculty at Howard University School of Divinity in Washington, DC, I knew that I must include this text in my course, Minister As Educator.


As a culturally relevant teacher, I welcomed this spiritual-cultural book, which made it possible for my students to connect African American history, cultural art and images, symbols, timelines, moral visions and perspectives to ancient scriptures in a creative way.


Additionally, this book lends itself to practical classroom experiences. The students interacted with and used this study to design, develop and to write Cultural Tool Kits. These age-level Christian education resources were to be used in the student’s personal ministry settings, such as Sunday Schools and small group ministries. Both the tool kits and this book are excellent.


Jacqulyn Thorpe

Howard University

School of Divinity

Washington, DC